Joseph Faraday Ep. 3: The Son of Science!

I write and produce a comedic sci-fi radio play, which airs on Temple University’s Comcast Channel and streams online. The show is called Joseph Faraday: The Temporary Resident of the Universe and the third episode is airing today! This one was a lot of fun to do, because instead of our hero battling famous scientists,…


The Internet’s Review of U2’s New Album Songs of Innocence

  Snark snark snark snark snark. Snark snark snark. Snark! Snark snark snark snark? Snark snark snark, snark snark snark snark. Snark snark snark snark snark snark snark snark snark. Snark Snark Snark. Snark snark- snark! Snark snark snark snark snark snark. Snark snark snark, snark snark snark, snark snark snark. Snark snark snark. Snark snark snark…. Snark snark snark snark snark snark, snark snark snark snark snark, snark snark snark. SNARK SNARK SNARK! Snark (snark snark snark snark) snark snark snark snark? Snark snark snark snark snark. Snark snark snark snark snark; snark snark snark. Snark snark snark, “Snark snark snark snark,” Snark snark. Snark snark snark! Snark… Snark snark snark snark snark. Snark snark snark snark snark snark snark. Snark snark snark snark snark snark snark, snark snark snark snark snark. …


How to Train for the Spartan Race

Obstacle runs are all the rage, now. The Spartan Race. The Warrior Dash. The Mud Run. They are how we are able to feel like we are on “American Ninja Warrior” without actually having to be on “American Ninja Warrior”. I’ve done the Warrior Dash so far and it was a good time.   But…

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Conspiracy Dave: Greetings, Internet

Hel- Hello? Hello? Can you see my words, Internet? Are you sitting down, my fellow human beings? You should be sitting down. But not on the couch. Avoid your couches at all cost. They have tired of being force fed our loose change and are plotting against us. Couches do not eat coins. They prefer…

mystery hole

Report From Siberia: Obey the Holes

Three mysterious gapping holes have appeared in Siberia, leaving scientists confused about their origins. But a new report shows that these holes are… are… our friends. Yes. And we like our friends. We love our friends. We love those holes. We must obey the holes. The holes are good people and they only want what’s…

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Name’s Racial. Biracial.

Okay, so, let me know if you find the following scene rather absurd: — Sam Watson enters the hotel room as three armed bodyguards try to stare him into submission. But their icy glares fail to coax even a drop of sweat out of the spy. The preparation behind this moment took months. And with the target-…


Movie Review for Tinsel & Tine: LUCY

Ready for Scarlett Johansson to perform “Through the Wormhole”-esq feats with Morgan Freeman conveniently there to explain it all? I wrote a review for the new movie “Lucy”. Check it out at the link below. Tinsel & Tine (Reel & Dine): SambWrite Blog Contributor: LUCY.

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Elizabeth Gilbert on Creative Genius

Short post today. I recently sat down again to listen to a TED Talk given by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. She talks about the creative process, how writers deal with inspiration and toughing it out when that creative spark just doesn’t seem to light. This is my absolute favorite TED Talk and I…


Blobfest 2014

“Nothing can stop it!” screams a nurse just after she pours acid all over the Blob, as if every other option to destroy the parasitic alien jello had been exhausted. Well, after another year gone by, it’s been pretty much proven that nothing can stop Blobfest, either. This festival, dedicated to the 1950s movie, The Blob, is…


An Open Letter to the Raccoon I Ran Over Last night

Dear Raccoon, I do hope that raccoon-heaven has a post office. Or raccoon-hell. I’m not sure where you are. I only know that the post office must surely be dead by now, right? Anyway, I don’t know what type of raccoon you were before we crossed paths last night. Maybe you never pestered or harmed…