24: Live Another Day: Pee Break #5



The most important person in the country- well, certainly the angriest man in any room- Jack Bauer is back! That’s right! Avoid using words like “weaponize” and “boom” in your Google searches, because everyone’s favorite anti-terrorist agent has fought his way back to TV in “24: Live Another Day“.

“24” infiltrated it’s way into viewers’ hearts with its twisty plots, shocking action and, well, Jack was always yelling so we kinda just let him in. But there’s always been one nagging question that has loomed over this show for all of its eight seasons. The events of “24” take place over the course of 24 hours (with the exception of the current season, which takes place over 12 hours). “These events happen in real time” is what Bauer tells us at the start of every episode. So, when exactly- during all the punching, shooting, torture and more torture- does Jack ever use the bathroom?

I’ve personally never liked this question. Every time someone asks me it, I simply wave them off and say, “Of course he goes to the bathroom! The camera isn’t on him the entire time.” But my blind faith in “24’s” realistic portrayal of potty breaks is usually met with eye rolls and more disbelief.

Well, ask no more “24” fans. The proof is here. I have obtained two to three page bathroom scenes, which were cut from each episode. Just remember: This is probably fake and done in good fun, but I’ll never tell. Unless you’re Jack, because I like my insides on the inside.

This Pee Break takes place during episode seven of “24: Live Another Day”.

A Blast From the Past p1

A Blast From the Past p2


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